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Delaware River Scenic Byway Guide 2012-2013












This was a guide designed and laid out by Eye of the Seed Communications in conjunction with a national grant creating the Delaware River Scenic Byway. The scenic byway was separated into sections and maps were created for each section. Listings were sold to businesses and points of interest along the scenic byway which were added to the map sections and color coded based on their section of the scenic byway. Created in conjunction with the Bucks County Herald.

Area Guide Monthly - Tab Section - March 2018

This is a monthly edition of the Area Guide printed as a tab section in the Bucks County Herald.








Cover and layout was designed by me.

Area Guide Monthly

Various editions of the Area Guide Monthly as a supplemental publication for the Bucks County Herald.















Covers and layout designed by me.     

Area Guide to Homes - Fall 2017

This was the first edition of the Area Guide to Homes - a glossy seasonal piece published by the Bucks County Herald.
This edition had all advertising based on real estate, home improvement and landscaping and home decorating.






Cover and layout was designed by me.

Bucks County Designer House & Gardens
(2018, 2010)

Two examples of a guide that was published yearly at the Bucks County Herald in conjunction with Doylestown Health's Village Improvement Association - who each year puts on the Bucks County Designer House  Gardens







Cover and layout was designed by me.

Area Guide Book 2007 & 2009

A yearly guide about the Bucks and Hunterdon County areas published by the Bucks County Herald.

Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce Guide 2018-2019

A yearly guide created and published for the River Towns Chamber of Commerce.

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